The Most Encouraging Staff Member on Campus

Building a community for men of color to feel welcomed may be difficult to find but Francisco Gomez provides this space at Whittier College.

President Oubre speaking with a student.

Celebrating Women’s Day with President Oubré

In celebration of Women’s Day 2022, the Office of Equity and Inclusion hosted Dr. Linda Oubré at Villalobos on Tuesday, March 8.

A picture of Villalobos.

Antisemitic Attack in ASWC Office

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a swastika was discovered in the ASWC office, having been carved into a desk by a still-unknown perpetrator.

Intersectional Poetry Slam Highlights Resilience

The fourth Annual Intersectional Poetry Slam, put on by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, highlights our resilience over the past year.