Frances Romo

Never Fear, Frances Romo is Here

During her 18 years at Whittier College, Frances Romo has been heavily involved in several programs to address the changing needs of students.

a young girl holds a sign saying "fight for love" at a love whittier event

Love Whittier: Poets in the Community

Love Whittier looks a little different this year; instead of one day of events, Love Whittier has extended to 21 days throughout May.

Start Normalizing the Phrase “I Need a Mental Health Day”

We need to begin normalizing mental health days for both work and school. Mental health is not just an excuse to halt responsibilities.

Black graduation cap set on top of beige paper

Whittier College Announces New Updates About Graduation Celebrations

After a series of emails and surveys, it was announced on April 9 that a limited in-person commencement would take place at Whittier College.

Healthcare workers and volunteers administer vaccines at the drive through distribution site at The Forum

Vaccinations in California Become More Accessible

Starting April 15, people aged 16 and older will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.  This means more shots in arms, and less sick people.

Golden State Stimulus Issued Alongside Federal Stimulus Package

The state of California has passed its own stimulus package, the Golden State Stimulus, to coincide with the upcoming federal stimulus package.

Update: Mackenzie Scott Donation Funds College’s $1 Million Scholarships

The College will grant yearly scholarships to “continuing students with unmet financial need” using 12 million donation from Mackenzie Scott.