When Anti-Capitalism Meets Children’s Games

Squid Game is a lot of things, and, unlike what so many social media posts are claiming, overrated is not one of them.

“I Care A Lot” Succeeds in the Creation of Despicable Women

I Care A Lot provides female characters that are evil, immoral, criminals that you do not idolize, and can still be oh so fun to hate.

Image of the Duke and his mother

Reimaging of Bridgerton

If Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey had a baby, it would be Shonda Rhimes’s reimagining of the 20-year-old book series Bridgerton.

Image of the two protags

Netflix’s Bonding Season Two Fumbling The Progressive Bag

With the crack of a whip and one too many tongue-in-cheek jokes, the second season of Netflix’s Bonding fell rather hard.

Jessie Buckley's character "Lucy" is posed drinking a glass of wine under the title "I'm thinking of ending things."

I wish this movie would have “ended things” halfway through

I, and probably everyone, watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things twice, because there’s a twist ending that makes everything come together.