Derek Chauvin's reaction to being convicted.

The Sports World on the Derek Chauvin Trial

Athletes have always connected the sports world with politics; the outpour of responses to the Derek Chauvin trial further solidifies this.

Young Jeremy Lin holding a basketball.

The ‘Linsanity’ of Normalized Asian-American Hate

Jeremy Lin’s ‘isolated’ incident of experiencing coronavirus-related racism may not be so isolated after all.

Op-ed: Meshing Sports and Political Activism

History says sports and politics go together but many of today’s viewers have different thoughts as to what they believe athletes can say.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels

He originally went to the recruiting office just to talk to the Navy SEAL team, but they told him his mindset was fit for a Navy SEAL.

Example of a bubble court with the words "Black Lives Matter" cross it to show the league intentions

The NBA Bubble Leads as an Example of Our Nation

The NBA returns but now with players having another goal instead of just winning a championship now to help find social justice for everyone.