Executive Editor Kristi Weyand stands on a mini golf course, posing with Deputy Editor Arianna Juarez and Assistant features Editor Harmony Albarran.

Senior Send-Off: Kristi Weyand, Big Time Inspiration

Weyand’s attentiveness to her community and friendship will be missed by all those privileged to have benefitted from her example. 

Editor-in-Chief Brianna Wilson embraces Deputy Editor Arianna Juarez in the head office

Senior Send-Off: Brianna Wilson

In Fall 2019, late one QC production night, Brianna Wilson’s co-Head copy editor predicted, “…you are going to get into the head office.”

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Gabriel Pridgen-Daniels

He originally went to the recruiting office just to talk to the Navy SEAL team, but they told him his mindset was fit for a Navy SEAL.