Marigolds Are More Than Just Pretty

Marigolds Are Not Just “Pretty”

Día de los Muertos is a celebratory day in Latinx communities. But, when will non-Latinx individuals stop appropriating items like marigolds?

Drawing of the countries of Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina not understanding what "Latinx" means

Latinx or Latiné? Which Makes More Sense Culturally?

“Latinx” has been used as a gender-neutral term in place of “Latinos;” but wouldn’t “Latiné” make more sense for Spanish-speakers?

Illustration of Latinos standing with back facing the viewer, wrapping arms around each other, against a light green background with a green ribbon on the top saying "it's time to break the stigma"

Breaking the Stigma around Mental Illness in the Latinx Community

There is a stigma in the Latinx community when it comes to mental illness. However, it is important to seek help when needed.

Bad Bunny performing on a bus.

El Conejo Malo is More Than a Latin Trap Artist 

During his time as a musical artist, Bad Bunny has changed the Latin Music industry while also being a social justice icon.