Latinx Night Brings the Culture

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, K-Poet Radio and M.E.Ch.A collaborated on the organization of Latinx Night.

Photo depicting the performers of Open Mic Night holding roses against a brown and white background.

KPOET Open Mic Night Gets Unzipped

The first Open Mic Night occurred, where Whittier College students came together celebrating poetry, music, and most of all – community. 

Spring Arrives With KPOET’s Open Mic Night

When given a mic and an open stage, Poets know how to show out. KPOET’s Open Mic Night once again proves to be a night full of community.

A microphone in the KPOET office.

Meet KPOET Radio: Hear the Poet

KPOET is Whittier College’s radio station, with a team full of hard-working students that play the music you hear by the Campus Center.

KPOET's announcement reading: Introducing Poet Student Spotlight below pictures of spotlights

KPOET Puts a Spotlight on Student Creatives

KPOET has found a new way to keep their followers involved, announcing on Nov. 9 that they would start highlighting Whittier student creatives.