illustration of a pink uterus with handcuffs at each each end against a dark pink background

Another Atrocious Act Committed by the U.S. at the Border

We have seen this before, in the 1900s, but now forced sterilization on minority groups is happening again — this time, on immigrants.

Pride rally taking place outside the Supreme Court Building with a person waving a pride flag

A Look at the LGBTQIA+ Community Under Trump and Biden

What has President Trump done for LGBTQ people and what will Biden do for them? No matter who wins, LGBTQIA+ rights are still important.

graphic drawing of amy coney barrett in a red robe with a white hat on her head, raising her right hand

Basic Human Rights Are at Stake With Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

Her silence and evasion of important issues during her hearing says everything you need to know about how Amy Coney Barrett will rule.