A full shot of AWSC President Ashley Duenas in front of the SLC building. She is wearing a white dress, and it's golden hour.

Ashley Duenas ‘Slays’ the ASWC 2022 Presidency

Ashley Duenas is the President for ASWC for the 2022-2023 year, but she never thought she would get involved in student government.

A medium shot of Profesora Doreen O'Connor Gomez in front of bookshelves.

The Many Lives of Profesora O’Connor Gomez

Doreen O’Connor Gómez has been with the Whittier College community for 32 years. She’s always been passionate about teaching Latinx Studies. 

The Most Encouraging Staff Member on Campus

Building a community for men of color to feel welcomed may be difficult to find but Francisco Gomez provides this space at Whittier College.

From Breweries to Balyages

Lizette Louise has had many ups and down in her life, but she can finally achieve her dreams with a strong community by her side.

Man stands in front of a colorful mural depicting a heart with angel wings and a halo.

STREET SMART: The Artist Known as M. is Getting Her Close Up

Hall is first and foremost a street artist who is artistically known as “M.” She is finally getting to show her art to the world.