Senior Send-Off: Kim Tsuyuki, the QC’s Busy Bee

At 5’1 (and 3 quarters), you may not see Kim Tsuyuki running around making sure something is in order, but she is definitely always on the go.

Photo of Mendenhall building on the Whittier College campus. The skies are blue and cloudless, and the building is surrounded by palm trees.

Major Changes to Whittier College Curriculum

Changes have come to some of the majors of Whittier College! Specifically to the English major, and the addition of the all-new Film major.

Addison Crane in yellow.

Senior Send-Off: Addison Crane, Buzzing Toward the Future

Addison Crane has a foot in many ponds, so to speak, yet meets each activity with equal excitement and dedication.

A picture of Adam Gonzales smiling.

Senior Send-Off: Adam Gonzales, Space Pirate in Training

Adam Gonzales ultimately wants to be a space pirate, but he hopes that his time at the Quaker Campus will take him where he wants to go next.