Illustration of Trump being banned from Twitter

Trump Ends Presidency Banned from Social Media Sites

Some of the biggest social media apps have banned him from their platforms after the former president incited the violence at the Capitol for election fraud.

downward image of the declaration of independence in a glass case

1776 Report: Written By White Supremacists For White Supremacists

While people were celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the 1776 commission report was released to the public promoting racist ideals.

President-Elect Biden on Issues Affecting Gender Rights

Presidential Elect Joe Biden plans to address several gender-related social issues including women’s rights .

flier for the event

Processing the 2020 Election

Dr. Sara Angevine’s class hosted the community discussion panel, Let’s Process the Process: Election 2020 Virtual Panel

Whittier Students Respond to the 2020 Election Results

The QC has compiled student voices from across the Whittier College campus as they react to the final results of this stress-ridden election

Trump gives his speech in the East room of the White House.

President Trump is Showing Signs of Rejecting the Election Results

Although not all votes have been counted yet, predictions are soaring left and right, and President Trump is preparing to reject the results.