Headshot of Deanna Merino-Contino

Deanna Merino-Contino Wants to Make a Seat for You at the Table

“My philosophy bases itself on a student-centered experience, around care, community, and identity-consciousness,” said Deanna Merino-Contino.

A picture of Camila Castaneda.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Camila Castaneda Edition

Camila Castaneda wants to leave college with a master’s degree that allows her to advocate for and influence Hispanic and Latinx communities.

Sites of Solidarity: A Week of Student Led Workshops to Build Community

The priority of Sites of Solidarity is to create a space of learning, healing, and refueling.

93rd Oscars: Pandemic-Grandeur Gone Wrong

Alright, folks, it’s Oscar time, and I’m tired. Why, you may ask? Because, honestly, I find the Oscars exhausting.

Monique Perez

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Monique Perez Edition

Biochemistry major Monique Perez is glad that she’s surrounded by people who believe in her as a woman of color building a STEM career.

A young girl wants to look like Sleeping Beauty.

Wishing Upon a Star Does Not Get You Anything Your Heart Desires

Girls are mistakenly taught from a young age what they should look and act like through their favorite Disney princess films.

A woman being silenced.

Yes, I am a Woman; No, I Will Not Be Silenced in the Classroom

Whittier College has a problem with men taking up too much discussion space in the classrooms, not giving women a chance to partake.

Image of the Duke and his mother

Reimaging of Bridgerton

If Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey had a baby, it would be Shonda Rhimes’s reimagining of the 20-year-old book series Bridgerton.

Andrew Gallegos

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Andrew Gallegos Edition

Andrew Gallegos’s senior project combines his passion for language and marketing, to demonstrate inclusive marketing for East Asian airlines.

Drawing of Barbie in pink, sitting with her legs bent and leaning back

It’s a Barbie World, We’re Just Living in It

Barbie endures as a symbol of childhood nostalgia, but her story adapts within modern sociopolitical context.