Halle Bailey Casted As Little Mermaid

The Undersea Mermaid Will Be Black

Skye Lamarre Staff Writer Yes, Ariel is Black. No, you should not be kicking and screaming over it. When I first heard that Disney was casting Halle Bailey as Ariel for their live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve been a fan of Disney films for as long as I can […]

A young girl wants to look like Sleeping Beauty.

Wishing Upon a Star Does Not Get You Anything Your Heart Desires

Girls are mistakenly taught from a young age what they should look and act like through their favorite Disney princess films.

Image of Blue Sky Studio movies

What Disney Dissolving Blue Sky Studios Means

It’s no surprise that Blue Sky Studio finally met its maker, given the daunting task of standing with Disney and Pixar.

Photo of Gina Carano in a yellow dress posing at the premier for the televisions series "The Mandalorian"

Gina Carano is Problematic, That’s Why She Needed To Go

Gina Carano was recently fired from The Mandalorian and despite what conservatives think, she was only being held accountable.

Image of Joe Gardner at a crosswalk

Soul: A Modern Take On Traditional Message To Follow Your Dreams

Soul is an example of Disney tailoring its films by incorporating realistic, even depressing storylines into their movies.

Offhand Disney: The Happiest Place Online

With California theme parks still shut down, Offhand Disney brings the magic of Disneyland home through his YouTube vides and storytelling.

Mulan with her sword raised superimposed over a picture of Hamilton from the musical of the same name.

Mulan and Hamilton set the stage: are digital releases here to stay?

Movie theaters were forced to shut down in March, pushing back the theatrical release dates for many movies. Studios had to come up with a solution to compensate for their loss in revenue.

Mulan in front of a sunset

#BoycottMulan — The story Behind the Controversy

On Friday morning, the release of Mulan was met with a protest. The hashtags #boycottmulan and #banmulan were trending on Twitter.