Photo of Mendenhall Building with a sign in front of the entrance stating "Welcome to Whittier College", with the College's logo as well.

COVID-19 Care Relief Grants Allocated to Whittier College Community

On April 1st 2022, Whittier College announced that they were finally able to allocate $2,523,026 in COVID-19 relief funds to students.

A white sign on a grey door that reads "COVID-19 TESTING IN PROGRESS". Underneath that in red states "DO NOT ENTER"

Return to Campus from Spring Break COVID-19 Protocol: What to Know

Whittier College sent out an email about protocol in regards to returning back to campus from spring break. Here’s what to know…

Picture of many multi colored disposable masks in a pile

Mask Mandate and Repercussions at Whittier College

The COVID-19 Task Force sent an email to all students on March 4, 2022 stating that Whittier College will still require face coverings.

Illustration of a young women sitting at a desk in front of a laptop

Why Online Classes are for the Best this Semester

COVID-19 is far from over, and people are still getting infected daily, which is why online classes are the safer option for students.

Inside Campbell: Students in Isolation

Whittier has accommodated students in isolation by providing assistance in moving to the isolation dorms and providing three meals a day.

A vaccination card on top of a disposable mask.

L.A. County Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

As of Nov. 8, the City of L.A. requires that patrons over the age of 12 show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering indoor venues.

Photo of pumpkins on a wooden floor with a sign that says "Trick or treat" on top of it

Should Halloween Be Cancelled Yet Again This Year?

COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed, but Delta cases are on the rise. Is it safe enough to celebrate Halloween this year?

pandora's box maze had great scenery

The aMAZEing Return of Universal Horror Nights

The mix of COVID-19 anxiety and normal, horror anxiety had our hearts weak by the end of the night. Horror Nights is running until Oct. 31.

Students on a study abroad trip.

Study Abroad’s Tentative Plans for 2021

The question that had been buzzing around campus now that we are back in person: when will study abroad become available?

Photo of Biden in the hall of the White House behind a podium

Stop Being Selfish and Get Vaccinated — Lives are on the Line

People find President Biden’s vaccine mandate to be controversial; but how is it controversial to save lives?