Whittier College’s Limited Reopening to Begin March 15

Whittier College will begin reopening to allow students and staff to resume some activities on campus, at a limited capacity, on March 15.

Photo of people holding a rally on a sidewalk with two people holding a sign saying "recall newsom"

Recall Gavin Newsom and Replace Him With a Progressive

There are many reasons to recall Newsom, but we should also replace him with a progressive who will take action.

graphic of three people with signs opposing the mask mandate looking unsurely to the side where a covid virus is holding a sign saying "I'm with them"

Forgetting the Failures of the Past: An American Tradition

After nearly one year of COVID-19, it is clear that the lessons we ought to have learned in the 1918 pandemic continue to go unregarded.

Photo of a church with an open door and two people going inside while another two linger on the outside

Is the Supreme Court Following Health Protocol or Politics?

The Supreme Court made the decision to lift California’s restrictions on worship places, but their intentions were not in the right place.

Graphic of people carrying presents in the snow holding hands while wearing masks

Staying Connected During the Holidays In a Pandemic

With another stay-at-home order going into effect, staying connected with friends and family may even be harder during the holidays.

A church with empty pews

A Matter of Religion, or a Matter of Life and Death?

Despite the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court on religious services, coronavirus restrictions should still be followed.