Should Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Be Forgiven?

Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for covering up COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, for committing acts of sexual assault.

Whittier College Approved for CRRSAA Emergency Funding 

Whittier College has received $939,775 from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II issued by the United States Department of Education.

Biden Passes 17 Executive Orders on First Day in Office

On Biden’s first day in office, he passed 17 executive orders in response to many controversial issues, a number of them reverting or halting former President Trump’s policies.

the text "let us out" on a bridge over the la river

Hit or Miss: COVID-19 Representation in Entertainment

The problem with some coronavirus-themed entertainment is that it is a little too on-the-nose and too out-of-touch.

Nature’s Wake Up Call: How Deforestation Contributes to Pandemics

The Amazon rainforest is burning, the trees are on fire, and smoke is rising. Deforestation contributes to pandemics.

Mr. Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris is Speaking

The Vice Presidential debate was surprisingly pretty civil, but Senator Harris ended up taking center stage of the debate.

Trump’s Controversial Covid-19 Diagnosis

President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19, following a week of news that multiple close advisors tested positive.

The Flaming Lips perform in plastic bubbles on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

COVID and concerts: how risking it all can ruin it all

With no end to the pandemic in the U.S. in sight (wear your mask, folks), it bears asking: what’s the future of concerts in the U.S.? Well, that first requires looking at the highs and lows of the current state of concerts.