Photo of college student sitting on the ground with tax documents

Whittier Students Need the College’s Help With Taxes

Tax season is gone, but a problem remains: students should receive help from the College with filing taxes.

One person with a mask on, in-between two people taking their masks off.

No, Whittier, We Did Not Expect Much, But Come On

The College needs to do better when it comes to the health and safety of their students during the COVID-19 pandemic. No excuses.

Photo of Whittier College campus

Admitted Students’ First Look at Whittier College’s Campus

After a full school year of COVID-19 lockdown, this year’s admitted students are now able to get a first look at Whittier College’s campus.

won't lose this dream

Won’t Lose This Dream Panel: An Insightful Conversation on Higher Education Reform and Equity

Currently, most educational institutions are using outdated ways to strive for student success. Georgia State University has found solutions.

Photo of a person typing on a laptop with one hand and holding a phone to their ear with the other

How Can We Go Back To “Normal” When “Normal” Has Been Shattered?

People want the pandemic to be over so we can go back to “normal,” but, with so many changes, is going back to normal even possible?