Latinx Night Brings the Culture

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, K-Poet Radio and M.E.Ch.A collaborated on the organization of Latinx Night.

Fellowships for All Types of Fellows

Whittier College provides numerous fellowship opportunities for students in all years and all majors; individuals can ask Dr. Sylvia Vetrone, the Director of Fellowships, about the fellowships available. 

Photo depicting the performers of Open Mic Night holding roses against a brown and white background.

KPOET Open Mic Night Gets Unzipped

The first Open Mic Night occurred, where Whittier College students came together celebrating poetry, music, and most of all – community. 

A Talk With President Oubré: Answering Student Concerns

The Quaker Campus sat down with President Oubré to discuss the questions and concerns floating around campus.

A picture of a dark room.

Campus-Wide Power Outage Disrupts Classes

The nearly school-wide power outage on Nov. 3 disrupted the routines of both residential and commuter students.

Inside Campbell: Students in Isolation

Whittier has accommodated students in isolation by providing assistance in moving to the isolation dorms and providing three meals a day.

SLC Elevator Undergoes Several Repairs

The elevator in the Science & Learning Center is currently down. Technicians are scheduled to repair it tomorrow morning.

A picture of the DoubleTree Hotel.

Creating a Safe Space: Black Women’s Forum

Events like the Black Women’s Forum are helpful for creating a welcoming environment on campus, but more could be done to enhance these events.

Photo of a dorm with a bed on the left with books on top and a bunk bed to the right. A desk with a laptop on it is in between the two beds

Bugs: A Serious Problem for Whittier College?

There has seemingly been many complaints regarding bugs on campus, but is it as serious as students are making it out to be?

Creating a More Commuter-Friendly Campus

For many commuter students, making the campus more commuter-friendly could help when taking a break in-between classes, connecting with other students, and attending campus social events.