A Talk With President Oubré: Answering Student Concerns

The Quaker Campus sat down with President Oubré to discuss the questions and concerns floating around campus.

A picture of a dark room.

Campus-Wide Power Outage Disrupts Classes

The nearly school-wide power outage on Nov. 3 disrupted the routines of both residential and commuter students.

Inside Campbell: Students in Isolation

Whittier has accommodated students in isolation by providing assistance in moving to the isolation dorms and providing three meals a day.

SLC Elevator Undergoes Several Repairs

The elevator in the Science & Learning Center is currently down. Technicians are scheduled to repair it tomorrow morning.

A picture of the DoubleTree Hotel.

Creating a Safe Space: Black Women’s Forum

Events like the Black Women’s Forum are helpful for creating a welcoming environment on campus, but more could be done to enhance these events.

Photo of a dorm with a bed on the left with books on top and a bunk bed to the right. A desk with a laptop on it is in between the two beds

Bugs: A Serious Problem for Whittier College?

There has seemingly been many complaints regarding bugs on campus, but is it as serious as students are making it out to be?

Creating a More Commuter-Friendly Campus

For many commuter students, making the campus more commuter-friendly could help when taking a break in-between classes, connecting with other students, and attending campus social events. 

On and Off-Campus Resources for Suicide Prevention Month

You have been through a lot. Whether or not you are consciously aware of what the world has put you through, it is way too much to shoulder on your own.

a young girl holds a sign saying "fight for love" at a love whittier event

Love Whittier: Poets in the Community

Love Whittier looks a little different this year; instead of one day of events, Love Whittier has extended to 21 days throughout May.

Sites of Solidarity: A Week of Student Led Workshops to Build Community

The priority of Sites of Solidarity is to create a space of learning, healing, and refueling.