28 Black Artists You Should Listen To If You Don’t Already

This Black History Month, you should celebrate by adding more Black artists to your playlist. Here’s a list of 28 Black artists to check out!

The Ladies Behind the Afro Fusion Dance Team

“The purpose of Afro-Fusion is to bring a space for African women and men to embrace their culture.” — Julie Ann Aryee

The Man Behind The Camera: Myles Malone

From street photography to charming portraits, Myles Malone captures cinematic stills of the world through his eyes.

Photot of Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent performing at the Halftime Show

#BlackExcellence Must Die: Why I Skipped the Halftime Show

People will celebrate Black culture while still contributing to the problems the community faces. Example: Super Bowl LVI.

Apple Music’s Foundation for the Future

To Apple Music, the artists featured this week represent the new leaders, and are a preview of empowerment in the future.

The Importance of Jackie Robinson

Robinson is one of the most famous baseball players to play in the MLB and his impact on sports is still felt in today’s world.

Black History Month Highlights: Athletes of the Past 100 Years

Black athletes have always been key figures throughout the history of sports. This February, we remember them and their accomplishments.

Image of the Duke and his mother

Reimaging of Bridgerton

If Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey had a baby, it would be Shonda Rhimes’s reimagining of the 20-year-old book series Bridgerton.

Image of someone sitting on the couch

Apple Music’s Nature and Nurture

This week, Apple Music talks about families again. This time, we are talking about how familial relationships impact the rest of our lives.

Apple Music’s Found Families

Apple Music has a wonderful theme for celebrating Black History Month this week: chosen families.