Dodgers in disbelief as they lose to Padres.

Brutal End For Dodger’s Season

Los Angeles Dodgers came up short in the NLDS against the San Diego Padres. Fans are in disbelief in response to the infuriating conclusion.

Whittier Baseball is Ready to Come Out Swinging

Whittier baseball has returned to campus after a year of COVID-19 restrictions. Will this be the year the Poets win the SCIAC Championship?

Reliquary of Dreams: WC’s Institute for Baseball Studies

Whittier College’s Institute for Baseball Studies keeps the history and culture of America’s pastime present.

Jackie Robinson Day’s History in the MLB

Major League Baseball once again celebrates Jackie Robinson Day on April 15 and 16, honoring the iconic man and everything he stood for.

The Importance of Jackie Robinson

Robinson is one of the most famous baseball players to play in the MLB and his impact on sports is still felt in today’s world.

Op-ed: Baseball Signifies American’s Potential to Grow and “Unite”

Baseball is more than simply a favorite pastime; it is possibly the U.S.’s greatest cultural signifier, holding the power to unite.

A photograph of the Dodgers celebrating their 2020 World Series win.

Proof from the Dodgers: L.A. is a City of Winners

The Dodgers have finally done it! After a 32-year wait, they once again win the World Series, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 4 – 2.

Two members of the L.A. Dodgers team celebrate their victory.

Preview of the Upcoming World Series

October baseball has come to the peak of its time once again as the Los Angeles Dodgers face off against the Tampa Bay Rays.