Saba’s New Album Has More Than a Few Good Things

Saba’s new album, Few Good Things, is a great story from a great storyteller — from the artistry to the movie-like structure of the album.

PinkPantheress's to hell with it album cover.

Bite-Sized Songs: to hell with it Album Review

PinkPantheress, as a sentimental, nostalgic artist, released to hell with it — the perfect album for teenagers and young adults — on Oct. 15.

Jessica Domingo's Butterfly Paradise album cover.

Summer is Back for the Winter: Butterfly Paradise Album Review

After three years, Jessica Domingo is back with a second beautiful album, released on Oct. 12 — Butterfly Paradise.

The Return of Mild High Club

Mild High Club had been on a hiatus for the last half decade, before releasing the third studio album, Going, Going, Gone on Sept. 17.

The Duo Album Hyperpop Fans Have Been Waiting For: then i’ll be happy

After releasing a handful of songs together, glaive and ericdoa finally collaborated on an EP, something fans have been anticipating.

Lake Street Dive is “Obviously” a Good Band

Lake Street Dive started as an avant-Country band then moved into R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Rock influences, which culminates in Obviously.

Image of Super Monster's Album Cover

Never Heard of Claud? You Definitely Know Their Collaborators

A rising artist in the new Bedroom Pop subgenre, Claud has already collaborated with breakthrough artists such as Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers.

Image of On All Four's album cover

Goat Girl Doesn’t Disappoint With Sophomore Album “On All Fours”

On All Fours is the sophomore album from the London-based, all-women, post-Punk band Goat Girl, and was definitely worth the three-year wait.

Image of Future Proof's album cover

The Future Had Other Plans for Erick the Architect’s “Future Proof”

Erick the Architect’s most recent release comes with his new EP Future Proof, released on Jan. 22 with some soulful, jazzy hiphop.

Image of Bob's Son Album Cover

R.A.P. Ferreria Releases Brief Album While Under the Radar

If you’re a fan of lo-fi rap, jazz-influenced music, or just need a laid-back album to work to, Bob’s Son is for you.