Intersectional Poetry Slam Highlights Resilience

The fourth Annual Intersectional Poetry Slam, put on by the Office of Equity and Inclusion, highlights our resilience over the past year.

Mariella Ayala-Gallegos

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Mariella Ayala-Gallegos Edition

Sociology major Mariella Ayala-Gallegos is pursuing a career in activism, wanting, specifically, to help undocumented communities.

Keystone XL Pipeline Ended in Big Win for the Environment

President Biden has completely halted construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and revoked its permissions. This is a massive win for environmental activists, who have long decried the program for its lack of safety and its use of bringing an enormous amount of fossil fuels into the USA.

A picture of Allissa Richardson during her presentation.

Bearing Witness While Black: Rising Accountability in Modern #Journalism

The Art & Visual Studies Department hosted Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones, and the New Protest #Journalism.

An arm raised into a fist in front of a crowd of people whose fists are raised as well

Black Lives Matter is Not an Aesthetic, it is Change

Black Lives Matter is not just a hashtag or the latest trend. It is a social movement that calls for real action and change.