Image of a person with their head replaced with scribbles to represent impact of music

The Music That Helped the Quaker Campus Through 2020

The Quaker Campus has put together a collection of songs that got us through the insanity of 2020.

Image of Joe Biden looking to the left holding a microphone with one hand and the other raising a finger

Joe Biden and Centrists Almost Killed the Democratic Party in 2020

The Democratic Party leadership blames progressives for how the election turned out, but maybe they should begin looking at the centrists.

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Processing the 2020 Election

Dr. Sara Angevine’s class hosted the community discussion panel, Let’s Process the Process: Election 2020 Virtual Panel

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Biden Won, Though That Will Not Erase Those Who Supported Trump

Yes, Biden won the election, but the fact that many still voted for Trump shows that America still has a long way to go.

Whittier Students Respond to the 2020 Election Results

The QC has compiled student voices from across the Whittier College campus as they react to the final results of this stress-ridden election

Joe Biden is the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elect

The Associated Press named Biden as the 2020 presidential race winner after he received his final electoral college points from Pennsylvania.

Youth at voting polls standing in front of table with computers with a mini American flag in the middle of the table.

Youth Voters in the 2020 Election: “We Vote For Change”

Voters have the chance to use their vote to create changes, and the youth voters, in particular, are all too aware of that.

Trump gives his speech in the East room of the White House.

President Trump is Showing Signs of Rejecting the Election Results

Although not all votes have been counted yet, predictions are soaring left and right, and President Trump is preparing to reject the results.

2020 Election Predictions: Who Will Claim Victory on Nov. 3?

With the 2020 election now nearly here, one of Quaker Campus’ own writers predicts who may claim victory in this election.

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Voting is a Privilege; Take Advantage of it for the Voices Left Unheard

Voting is perhaps one of our most important rights. Which is why we need to vote in every election for those who defended this very right.