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The Poets Men’s Lacrosse Team has started their season strong; their record currently stands at 6 – 1. The Poets opened up their 2022 season at Rhodes College, where they made a strong impression with their first match of the season, beating the Lynx 13 – 9.

In their first game against the Lynx, third-year transfer Wiley Burkett had an impressive performance by scoring a game high, four goals. Although Burkett did have a game high in goals, fellow third-year transfer Ike Eastburn was the first to score for the Poets — the first goal of their 2022 season and their first goal in almost two years. First-year Goalie Drew Low was able to stop 17 shots over the duration of 60 minutes for the Poets. The Poets’ defense did an outstanding job in only allowing 17 shots from the Lynx to get through. In addition, fourth-year Sergei Jacobs had a great performance, with a goal and a pair of assists to add to it.

The Poets followed up their opening game with a win against Hendrix College the next day. This game was another win on the road, overcoming a small deficit to outlast the Warriors, 18 – 12. In this game, both Burkett and Cameron Bentley scored four goals individually for the Poets. Following their game against Hendrix College, the Poets were expected to face the University of Dallas, but Dallas forfeited in advance, thus making the Poets three for three on their roadtrip to start their season. March 1 was the home opener for the Poets, going against Eastern Pennsylvania’s Widener University.

The Poets overcame a very competitive game, giving it their all in the fourth quarter to defeat the Pride, 14 – 8. In this victory, Bentley and Ronan Dooney were spectacular, finishing with five goals each. Low also performed well, having another game with 17 saves against the Pride.

Following a big win to start their season at home, the Poets dominated in a victory against Marymount University, with the final score being 23 – 12. Fourth-year Dooney scored the Poets’ first goal of the game; from then on, their offense dominated the rest of the game.

Dooney finished the game with three goals and four assists, while Bentley added six goals. After their win against Marymount, the Poets further displayed their dominance in the game against Cornell College, beating them 24 – 3. Their defense had another standout game, only allowing three goals. Bentley stood out with another strong showing, scoring five goals. Dooney had three assists and three goals to add to this team’s victory.

Third-year Diego Balderas talked about the effort the team puts forth in order to win and maintain a level of success: “Every day, we come out like it’s our last practice. We push ourselves to go as hard as we can for as long as we can.” Additionally, he emphasized the responsibility that this team has for each other:

“As a team, we hold each other accountable, and we have a very high standard for our boys.” Although this team started 6 – 0 in their first six games, the Poets lost in overtime against Vassar College in their latest game. It was competitive throughout, but the Poets were not able to outlast the Brewers, with the final scoring being 13 – 12. Balderas mentioned that “we always have things to work on, whether we win or lose.” He emphasized the space for improvement, no matter how successful the team may be.

The Poets have been on a tear to begin their 2022 season, starting with a record of 6 – 1. Throughout their season, the team has averaged 17.33 goals per game — 104 total goals scored, with 51 total assists. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the rest of the Men’s Lacrosse season.

Featured Image: Courtesy of wcpoets.com

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