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On Sept. 9, President Joe Biden announced that all employers with 100 or more workers are required to be vaccinated or produce a negative COVID-19 test every week. That seems pretty reasonable, considering that not everyone is required to get vaccinated ‘against their will,’  like most will urge you to think. President Biden and his team are doing this for the safety of all Americans, especially those who are too young or cannot get the vaccine for other medical reasons. Not only did he implement this executive order, he also signed an order to take his actions further, requiring all federal employees be vaccinated. This will cover over 2.5 million people, on top of the 17 million already-vaccinated healthcare workers.

Though, because of Biden’s ‘new’ requirement, he is getting tremendous backlash. People are ranting and raving about their rights being taken away from them and screaming “my body, my choice” now that it is convenient for their own agendas . . . meanwhile, Texas implemented the abortion ban. Go politics! This is curious  because both of the things this side of the public is arguing against are attempting to save someone else. Also, I’m not sure that people who consume horse medication know how to do proper research anyway. People willing to go to such an extreme that they fill local hospitals to the point of having to turn away gunshot victims speaks even louder to their sense of only caring for themselves, as long as they aren’t the ones having to do the bare minimum.

Interestingly enough, vaccine mandates are far from uncommon; the first mandated vaccine came to be in the early 1800s with the smallpox vaccine. This was mandated in order to “preserve the public health.” This is reflective of today, where the U.S Supreme Court is upholding the COVID-19 vaccine program. Another frustration that those opposed to getting the vaccine are whining —sorry, concerned about is the requirement to show proof of vaccination or negative test in order to patronize certain businesses. This is a little concerning considering that, in 1992, schools began requiring children to show proof of vaccination before attending. If you are willing to provide proof of a shot for your children, who most definitely can’t consent to getting the vaccines that are forced into their bodies at the age of two, why is it such a challenge to get one yourself? Especially since this little dose can save another person’s life.

Another question raised is, since babies cannot yet get the COVID-19 vaccine, and the majority of those opposed to it are pro-life (meaning they do not allow abortion because it kills a living person) — how come they are not willing to take the necessary steps to keep those living people alive? As of right now, children under 12 years old are unable to receive the vaccine, meaning that parents have to constantly worry about their baby getting sick because there is nothing they are able to do to prevent it besides already-established protective measures. The vaccine is a sure way to accomplish a true sense of safety where their ability is lacking. In fact, the Wall Street Journal states that more children than ever are being treated for COVID-19, as the Delta variant spreads primarily among unvaccinated populations.

The logical and most reasonable action to take in order to help solve this crisis would be getting a vaccine to help others. That is what this whole ordeal has been about since masks were mandated. Masks are not there to help the person wearing them, but to decrease the amount of droplets the wearer spreads to other people. So, if everyone wore a mask, the disease would spread at a much slower rate. Apparently, that infringes upon personal rights as well. Now there is another option for those who don’t want to wear a mask: get a tiny shot in your arm! Then, once the delta variant is under control, maybe you won’t have to wear one anymore. Take one for the team for your fellow Americans, who are forced to share public spaces with you. If you are able to get the shot, but want to protest it now that your job has mandated it (which is nothing new) find a better argument and do proper research. Nobody wants to listen to someone who gets their facts from Facebook and refuses FDA-approved medicine, but instead eats horse pills.

The vaccine should not be a controversial topic. This should have nothing to do with politics. When a neighbor cries that their baby has died due to COVID-19, you should be running to the nearest vaccine location. When families lose their grandparents, parents, sisters, and brothers, you should be more than willing to have your arm poked and sit in a waiting area for fifteen minutes. Target even gives ten dollars to spend in their store to those who get vaccinated. Why not help protect those who are most vulnerable? At what point do you agree that this entire debate rests on the refusal to put yourself at a minor inconvenience for the sake of another person? The vaccine mandate was put into effect in order to save people’s lives. There is nothing politically controversial about it. Healthcare is imperative to the livelihood of our population and this is the next step. Take others into consideration and get vaccinated; you can save someone’s life.

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Carlos Barria / Reuters


In collaboration by Quaker Campus staff members.
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