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Following a presidential assassination and the most devastating earthquake in about a decade, the people of Haiti need help. Nothing about that statement should be controversial. Thousands upon thousands of Haitians are homeless and have no possessions. In a normal society, it would be standard procedure to say the least that other nations, especially nearby powerhouses, help take in these asylum seekers and provide them basic goods, you know, like shelter. This isn’t a normal society.

Instead, we have thousands of people living under one specific bridge and White men on horses whipping Black refugees like it’s the 1800s, even after a federal judge said that this was obviously illegal and ordered them to stop. What’s wrong with this picture here? Hard question, I know, so let’s ask something easier — why is anyone surprised that the Biden administration would do this?

Now, on the surface level, it could be a somewhat understandable reaction. After all, the law that started this policy was a law Donald Trump created in the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, even though it has been declared illegal in court for the time being. The specific policy, Title 42, was essentially made to halt almost all immigration to the U.S., something that he could legally only get away with because of the pandemic, using the guise of public health to limit disease transmission. However, anyone familiar with Trump’s agenda knows that the primary goal of implementing this law was to stop immigration, and, as photos of thousands cramped under a bridge in Texas were put on full display, this policy specifically puts people in harm’s way of disease transmission, not the other way around.

This is where my sympathy for Biden supporters ends, though. The follow up question would obviously be “why hasn’t Biden ended that law’s use?” and the answer is simply because he doesn’t want to. He’s been using this policy to deport refugees uninterrupted since he took office in January, with the only change being the final end of the law to deport unaccompanied children. That was, until September, where two separate lawsuits found a part of or most of the law unconstitutional, and ordered the government to pause their actions or completely reverse the policy.

Now, ideally, Biden could’ve simply stopped doing this the second he entered office or he could’ve used these judges’ decisions as a legal excuse to end it if he was too cowardly, which is better than nothing. However, all of that went out the gate when he decided not only to ignore the law and continue the policy, but upped the intensity and amount of deportations. That’s an active decision to participate and up the ante of the atrocities being committed, delivering a clear message from Biden — he endorses it. He wants this to keep happening, the law, human rights, and morality be damned! This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone, either, because it’s not the first time he’s done it. Head of the USPS Louis DeJoy, a Trump appointee who was panned during the 2020 election season for openly sabotaging and damaging USPS infrastructure when many people could only vote by mail, is still in office, and still attempting to destroy the post office.

This was a hot topic for corporate Democrats during the election, so why is he still in office when Biden could remove him at any time? The answer is not that hard; he wants him to damage the USPS, as do many corporate Democrats. The Democratic party is still a right-wing party, and its ranking members stand to gain by FedEx or UPS, privatizing more of the postal service. After all, there isn’t another explanation. It’s not like they could just forget to fire him. The same goes for the tax and infrastructure plan currently in Congress; while Biden and corporate Democrats want to raise the corporate tax rate, their proposal is still lower than the tax rate on corporations under Obama, only undoing some of what Trump wanted, and is still over 20 percent lower than it was 40 years ago, under one of the most pro-corporation presidents ever in American history, Ronald Reagan.

This simply couldn’t happen if the Democrats weren’t already a right-wing party as well as actively moving further right. The writing has been on the wall that this presidency wouldn’t change anything meaningful from Trump; some people have just been all too happy to ignore it. Again, in any normal, sane, and humane society, this wouldn’t even be a conceivable reality. The only reason for the suffering of these Haitians desperately needing help is that the Democratic party still supports racism, economic inequality, and all these other beliefs that help shape right-wing authoritarianism, and Biden is the embodiment of that. Anyone who can confidently say that isn’t the case after seeing those visceral images of White men riding around on horses whipping people of color (I can’t stress that enough), is lying to themselves.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Luisa Gonzalez / Reuters

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