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Whittier College students concluded their first module of the Fall semester on Oct. 22, though grades for that module have yet to be published on MyWhittier. This has prompted many questions, seeing as students can not judge their performance without grades being available.

Whittier College officially switched over to a module system for the academic year of 2020 – 21. The school took into consideration the concerns of students regarding the first session of remote learning back in the Spring semester and made it so students only took two classes per module. This requirement was intended to help students by giving them a smaller course load and the ability to focus on only two courses at a time compared to four or five courses. While the semester has been split into two, the College is still counting it as one semester, which is why grades have not been officially published for students to view on mywhittier.edu.

“Official grades will be posted on MyWhittier at the end of the semester. Despite the fact that we broke up the fall semester into two modules — three in the spring — it is still considered one semester,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs, sal johnston, “Therefore, final official grades cannot be posted until the end of the semester. According to the Academic Calendar, final grades are due Dec. 18. At that point, all grades [for modules one and two] will be posted on MyWhittier as usual.”

Photo courtesy of Emerson Little/ Quaker Campus

The lack of grades posted on MyWhittier has led to student concerns, specifically of those who are expecting to graduate this spring semester. While not every single student who graduates college goes on to enroll in a graduate program, a handful of students do, and their grades of their last semester in college play a big role in getting into graduate programs, such as the highly competitive UC schools.

“Not being able to know my final grades has been frustrating as a senior. I am trying to apply to grad school, and these grades are needed so I know my current GPA,” said fourth-year Kiara Valencia. “For most seniors, including myself, I know that it is important to maintain a good GPA in order to apply to grad school or to internships. Not having an updated GPA can be frustrating for this reason.”

Many students have voiced their opinions regarding remote learning ranging from not having a good learning environment to the toll remote learning has taken on their mental health.

“I have mixed feelings about remote classes. It’s a bit more challenging for me to explain myself as well as pay attention since I have five other people in my house doing virtual classes and work,” said third-year Kat Estrada, “I do think it’s a bit easier, though, since I am emotionally comfortable in my house doing school work.”

Regardless of the differing opinions about the current learning situation, students are advised to contact their professors if their grades are not posted on Moodle. While grades won’t officially be posted until the end of the semester, students can know their unofficial grades before December.

Featured image: Photo courtesy of Emerson Little/ Quaker Campus

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