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With the announcement of Whittier College students returning to campus for Fall 2021, students have been searching for more answers after an abrupt departure from on-campus living last March. The College has recently sent out emails regarding the state of on-campus housing, and how that will look for students.

Though, there have been many questions regarding how the school year will look, and some scenarios remain shaky. What is confirmed at this point, however, is that students will be able to apply for Residential Housing, opening up on May 10, 2021.

On-campus living throughout the 2020 – 21 school year has been limited, with a single student per room in the dorms. In an email sent by Whittier College Housing Coordinator Tina Corral on April 5, 2021, it was announced that housing would be opening for the Fall semester, with no mandatory housing requirement for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The application will open up May 10, and will close June 6. Students are expected to receive their housing assignments between July 7 – 9 in their emails.

What will being on campus look like in person? As of right now, it is still developing, as is the plan for a hybrid course of both in-person and online schoolwork. The email also announced that the Office of Housing and Residential Life were awaiting final regulations from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and will release more information as these regulations are rolling out. As of right now, there are still plans to allow students to live on campus, with a chance of students being able to share a room.

The Quaker Campus reached out to Dean of Students Bruce Smith and the Director of Housing and Residential Life, Lafayette Baker. There are, indeed, plans for students to stay on campus, and Housing and Residential Life has committed to try to place every student who applies to housing into a room on campus.

With housing not being required, it is anticipated that this will open up more spots for students on campus. In the event that not every student can be placed on campus, the College has reported to be trying to make arrangements with local hotels in order to provide students with living accommodations.

As what it will look like to stay on campus, Smith has stressed that Whittier College’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct should still be followed, and that there will likely be a mask mandate for public spaces on campus.

In an email response to the Quaker Campus, Smith and Baker said that the College is currently looking into a vaccination requirement for students. “Among those options is a requirement for all students who come to campus for any reason — including, but not limited to, residential students, students who are on campus for class, athletes on campus for team activities, and students on campus for student club/organization activities — to demonstrate proof of vaccination,” they wrote.

While the College is still waiting to hear from L.A. County’s Health Department, there are still questions that are up in the air with Housing, and what the upcoming school year will look like.

As of the writing of this article, though, students who are hopeful to live on campus in the Fall should set their calendars for May 10.

Featured Image: Courtesy of the Whittier College Office of Marketing and Communications

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