Whittier College Announces Discontinuation of Multiple Athletics Programs

On November 15th, Whittier College announces the discontinuation of multiple sports programs on campus: football, lacrosse, and golf.

Senate Senior Spotlight: Alex Coco

Alex Coco is a senior on both Senate and PSALA. He strives to want to make Whittier a place of community for all.

The Show That Was Anything But A Drag

The first-ever Whittier Drag Show featured a variety of talents from Whittier students to alumni alike. Premiering at the Harris Amphitheater, this was the first myriad of performances the school put on, titling their show, “Poet Pride: Drag Show.”

Dia De Los Muertos – Whittier Style

Día de Los Muertos at its core is a celebration of life, with rich cultural history. M.E.Ch.A. created a space that celebrated community and identity, which is something that Whittier College does best.

Picture of the band, My Chemical Romance, performing at a concert.

The Black Parade is Alive!

My Chemical Romance had their first LA show on Wednesday, October 11th, then another on the 12th, on the 14th, 15th, and 17th.

A picture of the cast of Abbott Elementary sitting down next to two flags, one of them being the United States flag.

A+ for Abbott Elementary

From garnering critical acclaim to having a lovable cast, and showing empathy off-screen, Abbott Elementary has a lot to offer to viewers.