Jonathon Burton

Professor Spotlight: Jonathon Burton Reflecting Student Experiences

As a professor and head of the English department, Jonathon Burton’s most important role is amplifying the light of those around him.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Sal Hinojosa Edition

Sociology major Sal Hinojosa’s senior project documents the perspective of law enforcement on how communities relationship have deteriorated.

Elisa Lam, Eight Years Later

Eights years ago today, Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel. No one knows what truly happened to her.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Bergen Flom Edition

Social Entrepreneurship & Design Major Bergen Flom started TRASH MAG her first year, and she is now hoping to make it a part of her career.

Destiny Munoz

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Destiny Munoz Edition

Destiny Munoz hopes to use her Sociology degree to craft an updated approach for how law enforcement can better serve communities.