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Executive Editor

Brianna Wilson

Ariana Juarez
Managing Editor

As the Whittier College community returns to campus for the first time in over a year, the Quaker Campus seeks to provide content that represents and informs the community’s concerns, hopes, and questions during this time. To be more receptive to on-campus perspectives, we plan to conduct a number of public opinion surveys throughout the year. It is important to us and our reporting to hear the voices of our community and we want you to know that we are listening. The Quaker Campus is run completely by students, for students, independent of the administrating, and provides news relevant to the campus community. To do this, we rely on you to share your perspectives, concerns, and praises regarding campus in our efforts to be curators of community and hold the institution accountable.

We recognize that we are an imperfect newsroom. When you find gaps in our coverage or flaws in our reporting, we ask that you hold us accountable. We are dedicated to providing the best possible coverage for our community, which requires us to listen to your feedback as well. Any member of the Campus community is welcome to contact us at and/or write a letter to the editor and share it with us at the same email address. We welcome all students in our newsroom to write, edit, create graphics and art, take photos, and increase and improve our engagement within the community.

Our Editor-in-Chief this year is Brianna Wilson, a fourth-year English major who has been with the QC for all four years of her college career. She is a California native and has lived in Whittier most of her life. Following her time at Whittier College, she plans on working for whichever newspaper or magazine will take her in. Executive Editor Kristi Weyand is a fourth-year English and Political Science double major and was formerly the Arts & Entertainment section editor. She joined the paper in Spring 2019 and has found journalism is a way to connect and share your world through narrative. Coming from rural California, the Quaker Campus has provided an outlet to be an engaged and active member of the Whittier College community throughout distance learning, as she drove to increase campus engagement with the QC. In her free time, she enjoys messing with her recipes until something turns out right. This year’s Managing Editor is Ariana Juarez, a fourth-year English major. She joined the Quaker Campus in Fall 2019 and has used the skills she picked up to influence her own writing. She is currently a mentee for Latinx in Publishing’s Writer’s Mentorship Program, and a two-time winner in the prose writing contest for the literary magazine The Greenleaf Review. 

We know that the Whittier College community has faced many challenges this past year, and the return to campus will be tumultuous for many, which is why we find it crucial to understand your viewpoint and perspectives in our community.

Everyone at the Quaker Campus is excited to see our community back in person, albeit with some changes. We are always hiring students with work study and can offer stipends to those interested working with us. Our sections are News, Features, Campus Life, Opinions, Sports, and Arts & Entertainment. Currently, we are looking for writers, copy editors, photographers, graphic designers, artists, and a social media/audience engagement team. We welcome all voices to brighten our newsroom and expand our community perspective.

While we do value being a watchdog and advocate for administrative transparency, we also find it important to highlight the incredible achievements many students, staff, and faculty as well as the institution as a whole achieve. The Quaker Campus may be a small, college newspaper, but we pride ourselves on this community and being a forum for community engagement and growth. During our return to a physical campus, we will be balancing a biweekly print edition as well as continuous digital publication. Our website, updated during the pandemic and recently made more accessible through the addition of a listening feature (see …), allows us to be responsive to the community with timely and engaging content. We hope to compliment this with our print editions, which will allow for more in-depth coverage and deeper looks into topics and individuals. 

We know that the Whittier College community has faced many challenges this past year, and the return to campus will be tumultuous for many, which is why we find it crucial to understand your viewpoint and perspectives in our community. We are not a monolith, and neither are our experiences from the past year. While we roll out surveys throughout the semester, we request that you take the time to fill them out thoughtfully and honestly. Each individual shapes such a small community, and it is our duty to recognize that. As journalists of the rising generation, it is our duty to call attention to the climate crises, systemic inequality, and uncertainty that have shaped us. Please tune in for our coverage this year as we look to how the campus adapts to living and learning with the coronavirus.


In collaboration by Quaker Campus staff members.
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