marijuana sold

Should We Be Ridin High?

Alissa Portillo Opinions Editor Imagine walking by a Circle K and buying Mary Jane…well, starting next year, you can. But, as of right now, this is only provided for Florida residents. For those of you who were ready for this to happen in Los Angeles, you will not be able to buy Mary Jane in […]

Women cuts her hair as protest

Iranian Women’s Heated Protest

Alissa Portillo Opinions Editor A large pit fire has formed on an Iranian street. The fire is lighting up the emptiness. Blackness is seen rising in the air from the flames. The fire symbolizes restlessness and anger. Iranian women are angry and they are determined to be seen and heard, even if it results in […]

No More Pink Tax

Let’s Talk Period Talk

It’s no surprise that women and young girls have periods. But, the question is, should hygienic products and education be free?

Marigolds Are More Than Just Pretty

Marigolds Are Not Just “Pretty”

Día de los Muertos is a celebratory day in Latinx communities. But, when will non-Latinx individuals stop appropriating items like marigolds?

Halle Bailey Casted As Little Mermaid

The Undersea Mermaid Will Be Black

Skye Lamarre Staff Writer Yes, Ariel is Black. No, you should not be kicking and screaming over it. When I first heard that Disney was casting Halle Bailey as Ariel for their live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve been a fan of Disney films for as long as I can […]

Bad Bunny’s Impact On Latinx Communities

Yo Perreo In The Classroom

Natalie Pesqueira Social Media Manager This Spring, graduate students at San Diego State University will get a crash course on the reigning King of Billboard, Bad Bunny. The course will be taught by Dr. Nathian Rodríguez, the associate director of The School of Journalism and Media Studies at SDSU. He created the course to teach […]

Apple’s Location Services Are Advancing

Is Apple Tracking Our Precise Location?

Apple’s new Precise Location feature tracks your location even further and has instilled the false spread of fear on social media platforms.

We have seven years to change climate policy

Climate Anxiety On The Rise

Much of our current climate conditions are failing leading to climate anxieties to rise. Will conditions worsen and result in our extinction?

Twitter’s Censoring Policy Impact On Timeline

Twitter Needs Stronger Regulations

After endless graphic videos of deaths surface on Twitter, it is time for Twitter to strengthen its regulation policies.

My Body, My Choice – Unless It Involves My Pussy!

Roe v. Wade is once again under attack by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority. We must stand against them and fight back.