picture of a group of people with the words #GivingTuesday on top

Giving Tuesday is Asking For Too Much From Whittier College Families

Giving Tuesday is about giving back to students, but asking those same students and their families for donations is not so great of an idea.

Photo of Governor Newsom holding a mask with two hands outside a building

Gov. Newsom Issues Another Stay-At-Home Order, But Will He Follow?

A new stay-at-home order is issued in California, but is undermined by Gov. Newsom’s recent bad example at following orders himself.

photo of johnny depp with a mask around his neck looking at the camera

Where Is the Justice For Someone Like Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp lost his libel case against The Sun, showing what a lack of justice looks like when it comes to male victims of violence.

Staying Motivated During Online Learning Can Take a Toll

Social distance learning is the safest way to learn during a pandemic, but it’s taking a toll on our mental health.

Picture of a U.S. and Puerto Rican flag side by side with the sky as the background

The U.S. Has Done Enough, Let Puerto Rico Speak For Themselves

The question “should Puerto Rico become a state?” should be answered by the Puerto Ricans, not the Americans.

graphic picture of a young women in a cap and gown holding a diploma that says "HS 2020" with a blue background and yellow at the top. The words at the top of the photo says "Welcome Poets, Ready to log in?"

When COVID-19 Affects Your First Semester at College

I may not have had any grand expectations about college, but that didn’t mean I expected COVID to ruin my college experience as well.

image of a phone with a tiktok logo on the screen; the background of the image are COVID-19 viruses

TikTok Influencers During a Pandemic: For Better or For Worse

In a pandemic where we have to follow social distance guidelines, social media influencers have to set the example for better or for worse.

collage of hospital bills with an empty hospital room in the background

COVID-19 Ruined Our Lives, Now It’s Ruining Our Wallets

COVID-19 has been impacting many different areas of our lives, including how much money we are now spending.

Empty street in Los Angeles

COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, Can We Expect Another Lockdown?

COVID-19 cases have been rising in the U.S., and experts say the winter months won’t make things easier. Will the U.S. get another lockdown?

a red map of the united states against a black background with the arm of the statue of liberty holding a green torch with red fire

Biden Won, Though That Will Not Erase Those Who Supported Trump

Yes, Biden won the election, but the fact that many still voted for Trump shows that America still has a long way to go.