Farmers in India Protest Prime Minister Modi’s Agricultural Deregulations

Farmers in India have been protesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agricultural deregulations for over five months. The policy is leaving about half the population of India without a steady income.

Update: Mackenzie Scott Donation Funds College’s $1 Million Scholarships

The College will grant yearly scholarships to “continuing students with unmet financial need” using 12 million donation from Mackenzie Scott.

Progressives Push for Elimination of the Filibuster Following Senate Split

As a result of Democrats regaining control of the Senate in 2020, progressives are pushing to eliminate the filibuster.

Gamestop Investors Cost Hedge Funds Billions

Reddit thread r/wallstreetbets inspired investment in GameStop, a “dying” company, costing hedge funds shorting the stock billions. 

Leftists Criticize the Biden Administration for Not Being “Progressive Enough”

Leftists criticize Biden as not being “progressive enough” amidst his massive approval from more centrist Democrats, marking further divide within the Democratic Party. 

Biden Passes 17 Executive Orders on First Day in Office

On Biden’s first day in office, he passed 17 executive orders in response to many controversial issues, a number of them reverting or halting former President Trump’s policies.

Spring Module System Forgoes Spring Break Along National Trend

Whittier College has removed Spring break from the academic calendar, though there are more sporadic days off between each module.

Trump Inciting Insurrections Spurs Accusations of Fascism

We are examining this prospect of how the Trump Administration relates to a recently popular criteria on which to examine facism.

Examining the Questionable Tweets of Whittier City Council Member Jessica Martinez

Compiled tweets available on City Council member Jessica Martinez’s Twitter account that she told the City Council that she “stands by.”

Whittier Council Member Examined for Censure after Attending Capitol Rally

Council member Jessica Martinez has been under fire by locals for attending President Trump’s Jan. 6 ‘Save America’ rally.