Man stands in front of a colorful mural depicting a heart with angel wings and a halo.

STREET SMART: The Artist Known as M. is Getting Her Close Up

Hall is first and foremost a street artist who is artistically known as “M.” She is finally getting to show her art to the world.

Senior Send-Off: Annalisse Galaviz, Rewriting Her Own Narrative

Through her college career, Annalisse Galaviz has leaned into self-expression, learned to trust her passions, and grew with her surroundings.

Executive Editor Kristi Weyand stands on a mini golf course, posing with Deputy Editor Arianna Juarez and Assistant features Editor Harmony Albarran.

Senior Send-Off: Kristi Weyand, Big Time Inspiration

Weyand’s attentiveness to her community and friendship will be missed by all those privileged to have benefitted from her example. 

Senior Send-Off: Ariana Juarez’s Whittier Tale

Juarez will attend NYU, where she will embark on another exciting journey as an author, a publisher, and an incredibly hard-working scholar.

Smiling headshot of Tanner Sherlock in a recording room.

Senior Send-Off: Tanner Sherlock, Media Council’s Ace

Confucius may have had Sherlock in mind when he said, ‘To learn something and then have a chance to put it into practice — Isn’t that a joy?’

Senior Send-Off: Kim Tsuyuki, the QC’s Busy Bee

At 5’1 (and 3 quarters), you may not see Kim Tsuyuki running around making sure something is in order, but she is definitely always on the go.

Editor-in-Chief Brianna Wilson embraces Deputy Editor Arianna Juarez in the head office

Senior Send-Off: Brianna Wilson

In Fall 2019, late one QC production night, Brianna Wilson’s co-Head copy editor predicted, “…you are going to get into the head office.”

A picture of Crimea.

Community Voices: Born in Ukraine

Professor Alexandra Grabarchuk sat with Quaker Campus journalists to explain her ties to Ukraine and her thoughts about the current war.

Classic cars lined up down Whittier Boulevard.

Rolling With the Classics Down Whittier Boulevard

Car culture is, for many, a lifelong passion, and new generations around the Whittier area are keeping it alive.

OnlyFans and the War on Consensual Sex Work

OnlyFans threatened the livelihood of millions of sex workers only to reverse their decision days after, leaving many feeling betrayed.