Sepia toned image of many Tongva men and women staring into a camera.

Tongva People and the Connection to Whittier College

Tongva people have finally received a portion of their land back in L.A., and Whittier College provides resources to help with recognition.

Image that says "Whittier College Athletics Update: November 15, 2022" written in white and gold on a purple background.

“It Is What It Is”: Recap of Athletics Town Hall Meeting

After Whittier College announced the cancellation of multiple athletic programs, the College put on a town hall meeting for the community.

A student holding a white sign that reads "Bring Back Our Sports!"

Whittier College Community Protests Against Cancellation of Multiple Athletics Programs

In response to the recent cancellation of multiple athletics programs at Whittier, students and faculty held a protest.

Whittier College Announces Discontinuation of Multiple Athletics Programs

On November 15th, Whittier College announces the discontinuation of multiple sports programs on campus: football, lacrosse, and golf.

Dia De Los Muertos – Whittier Style

Día de Los Muertos at its core is a celebration of life, with rich cultural history. M.E.Ch.A. created a space that celebrated community and identity, which is something that Whittier College does best.

Photo of COVID-19 Test Vending Machine at the

COVID-19 Roundup: New Test Vending Machine & Masking Updates

Whittier College has installed a ShieldT3 PCR Test Kit vending machine and has implemented new masking regulations on campus.

Photo of a Caucasian hand with a pen, filling out a midterms ballot.

2022 Midterms Roundup

Here is a roundup of the 2022 Midterms, as of ten a.m on November 10th from Associated Press. Results may change.

Photo of black background that says UNITE HERE! Local 11 in red and white text.

Bon Appetit Workers Talk Before the Talk

Workers of the Campus Inn express their concerns with a recent message relayed to them about their negotiation and negotiation date.

A helpful infographic showcasing the different propositions there are for the 2022 Midterms.

Progressive Voters Guide to Midterms 2022

The midterm elections are coming up November 8th, so here is a helpful guide on progressive politicians and propositions to vote for.

A full shot of AWSC President Ashley Duenas in front of the SLC building. She is wearing a white dress, and it's golden hour.

Ashley Duenas ‘Slays’ the ASWC 2022 Presidency

Ashley Duenas is the President for ASWC for the 2022-2023 year, but she never thought she would get involved in student government.