The Show That Was Anything But A Drag

The first-ever Whittier Drag Show featured a variety of talents from Whittier students to alumni alike. Premiering at the Harris Amphitheater, this was the first myriad of performances the school put on, titling their show, “Poet Pride: Drag Show.”

Dia De Los Muertos – Whittier Style

Día de Los Muertos at its core is a celebration of life, with rich cultural history. M.E.Ch.A. created a space that celebrated community and identity, which is something that Whittier College does best.

Metaphonians Rush To Come Together

Dulce Martinez, the Fall 2022 Mets Society president, dedicated her early morning Saturday to setting up the hall for the day excursion, which included a field trip to Santa Monica pier, lots of games, and a craft hour at one of the members’ houses. This was the Mets Society rush –, an event that gives old and new recruits the opportunity to familiarize with one another and to build community. 

Latinx Night Brings the Culture

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, K-Poet Radio and M.E.Ch.A collaborated on the organization of Latinx Night.

Fellowships for All Types of Fellows

Whittier College provides numerous fellowship opportunities for students in all years and all majors; individuals can ask Dr. Sylvia Vetrone, the Director of Fellowships, about the fellowships available. 

Ant traps from a student dorm.

Ants Attempt To Take Over Campus

Ants on campus are common, but mass numbers inside will always be off-putting. Quaker Campus suggests holistic methods to keep the pests at bay.

QPR Could Save A Life

QPR is innovative in that it brings the whole community together in working to prevent self-harm and suicide. 

Photo depicting the performers of Open Mic Night holding roses against a brown and white background.

KPOET Open Mic Night Gets Unzipped

The first Open Mic Night occurred, where Whittier College students came together celebrating poetry, music, and most of all – community. 

A picture showing the steps up to and Wardman Hall. It is a bright sunny day.

WSP– “It’s the DIY Major.”

The Whittier Scholar Program allows students to design their own major and make it their own so it fits their exact needs and interests.

Drama Club Takes The Stage Once Again

Drama Club is finally coming back after two years off, and they have lots of ideas for how to enrich Whittier College’s theatrical community.