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This article is also available in print: the Quaker Campus Issue 19, Volume 4, dated Oct. 14.

With students back on campus for the year, resuming normal activities has been a challenge. Clubs are limited in their movements, snack restrictions are in place for activities, and COVID-19 tracing is now enacted for every on-campus event. The question that had been buzzing around campus: when will study abroad become available? 

Scheduled study abroad sessions were shut down when quarantine hit in March of 2020 and had been put on an indefinite pause. Classes that were scheduled abroad were canceled, and those who had put out hope for Spring of 2021 were quickly disappointed with the College’s announcement that the 2020 – 21 school year would be conducted online. Study abroad had not returned since quarantine, and the tentative announcements of study abroad options have put out hope for students. On Sept. 29, 2021, Assistant Director of the Office of International Programs Kerry Gonzales sent out a mass email to Whittier students, announcing a study abroad opportunity for JanTerm of 2022. Students will have the opportunity to travel to Seville, Spain. “Students that participate in this class will earn Whittier College course credit while living with a Spanish host family (they provide all your meals), taking Spanish or Culture classes at a nearby school, and visiting many local sites!” The email proclaimed. The overall cost of the trip was $2,700 (or $700 with the Global Poet Scholarship), including meals, housing, health insurance, and entrance fees. The deadline for the Spain class was Monday, Oct. 4, 2021. 

Unfortunately, this appears to be the only study abroad program available for JanTerm 2022. The class requires students to either be native Spanish speakers, have taken a Whittier College Spanish course prior, or have AP Spanish credits prior to attending the college. This puts a severe limit on students who may want to study abroad, but do not meet these requirements. For those who had lost their opportunity to study abroad during the pandemic, it is quite a hard pill to swallow that their opportunity might have been lost due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. 

As for MayTerm of 2022, the Office of International Programs has not settled on anything concrete. When asked about the planning for Spring Courses, Gonzales stated that the office was working to offer more May programs. More details are to be sent out soon, hopefully in November. Any students that are interested in hearing more specific details are encouraged to go to the Office of International Programs in order to learn more about potential programs. 

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