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This year, Love Whittier looks a little different. Instead of one day of events, Love Whittier will be extending to 21 days throughout the month of May.

In the past, Love Whittier was observed as a day of service. During that time, volunteers from the Whittier College community showed their appreciation for the city of Whittier through service. This year, starting on May 1, Love Whittier 2021 has opened up for the Whittier College community to participate in.

Why 21 days? Love Whittier wanted to expand its reach this year and commit to its mission of community service, from home. Second-year Academic Mentor Ariela Romero said, “We imagined that this would be a great way to end the school year, so the 21 days ends on a Friday, just right before graduation. But, of course, showing kindness doesn’t have to stop when Love Whittier ends. We hope that everyone still continues to show kindness around the world.”

Usually, Love Whittier brings in a crowd of people from the College and surrounding areas, but, this year, they had to do it on a smaller scale. The amazing group behind Love Whittier came up with activities that did not involve large crowds, but can still be done wherever a Poet is. The important part of these 21 days was to bring everyone together to show kindness to their community.

The service days are not too involved and can be done from home. Due to COVID-19, the acts of service are split into small, everyday activities that could easily fit into your schedule. Some examples of service activities include helping someone clean, making a donation, and making a care package. This series is about spreading love and kindness. Use these next few days as an opportunity to show how much you care about the people you love. The great thing about doing it from home is that it can extend outside the College into our families, friends, and loved ones.

What else can we look forward to in the upcoming days of 21 Days of Service? Ariela Romero said, “Some upcoming activities to look forward to are park or beach clean-up, making a playlist for a friend, volunteering at your nearest library, or tutoring, but there are still many more activities. We post the activities list every Friday on our Instagram!”

It’s not too late to participate. The best part is, you can join in whenever you have the time to! If you want to stay up-to-date on Love Whittier, follow the Center for Community Engagement’s Instagram, @poetsinthecommunity.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Love Whittier.org


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