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Students all over campus have been seeing a plethora of ants all over campus. Those little critters just love our bathrooms, our dorms, our classrooms, and offices, and move in neat lines on the sidewalk, just showcasing their numbers. 

On Tuesday, August 30th, facilities sent out an email specifying that the problem is not unique to the campus, but that homes and businesses in the area are experiencing the same things we are. Facilities said in the email that residence halls Stauffer and Ball were treated by an exterminator on August 13th, and that the dorm buildings of Harris, Turner, and Wanberg were treated on the 20th. Facilities has not since addressed the issue via email. 

Because these critters are so persistent, facilities is in need of our help to control the problem. In the email, they urged residents to not keep open food in the room; to not place trash on the floor; to take out trash frequently; and in general, just make sure you’re keeping your space clean. 

There are other things we can do to keep them out. Of course, there are sprays like Raid, however, those are pretty toxic. There are plenty of natural remedies to deter pets. Ants hate vinegar, so one option is to place cotton balls with vinegar in the corners of your room. If vinegar is too unpleasant, essential oils like peppermint and citrus oils will keep them at bay. They also hate perfume, so a quick fix is to spray them with that, or soak a cotton ball with some. 

Essential oils can be found in Uptown Whittier, like Holistic Health Integrated on Bright Avenue and Pour le Bain on Greenleaf Ave. Drug stores may also have some, but it tends to be a hit or miss. 

The ant problem is off-putting and makes existing in spaces that much less relaxing, however, this is just nature at work. When it gets hot outside, bugs are trying to escape the heat, and find food and water. 

When we live on campus, we are largely responsible for the condition of the spaces we exist in. Like most things here at Whittier, it’s a community effort. 


Featured Image: Sage Amdahl / Quaker Campus


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