Republican Club Hosts Candidate Phan West in Discussion on Socialism

Phan West talked about her time living in a communist country, where she described the regime as filled with tyranny and threats of violence.

Photo of Whittier College campus

Admitted Students’ First Look at Whittier College’s Campus

After a full school year of COVID-19 lockdown, this year’s admitted students are now able to get a first look at Whittier College’s campus.

Photo of campus

The Move to Create Consent Culture Within Whittier College’s Societies

The office of Student Life is working with Whittier College Societies to educate Society members about sexual misconduct.

Timberlake Weaponized Tabloids Without Regard for Consequences

Justin Timberlake thought a public apology 20 years late would be enough, but it will never make up for his actions.

Voices of Whittier College Brings Awareness to Sexual Misconduct

Instagram account and activist group Voices of Whittier College, in support of the University Survivors Movement, uses their posts to bring awareness to sexual misconduct at the College with a goal “to end sexual violence on college campuses.”

Op-ed: Baseball Signifies American’s Potential to Grow and “Unite”

Baseball is more than simply a favorite pastime; it is possibly the U.S.’s greatest cultural signifier, holding the power to unite.

ASWC Senate in Search for New Student Body Representative

The Associated Students of Whittier College Senate is accepting applications for Student Body Representative, open to all years, on Engage.

Spring Module System Forgoes Spring Break Along National Trend

Whittier College has removed Spring break from the academic calendar, though there are more sporadic days off between each module.

graphic of a female student in front of a laptop while holding her head, with a thought bubble showing an image of the Capitol Building on fire

Coming of Age With the Weight of the World On Their Shoulders

With mental health decrease in teenagers, I interviewed my younger sisters on how they witness the collective trauma of our current moment.

Finding Meaning in a Monolith in the Midst of Chaos

When the New York Times wrote about a mysterious monolith that appeared in Utah, I realized that we hadn’t learned our lesson.