Halle Bailey Casted As Little Mermaid

The Undersea Mermaid Will Be Black

Skye Lamarre Staff Writer Yes, Ariel is Black. No, you should not be kicking and screaming over it. When I first heard that Disney was casting Halle Bailey as Ariel for their live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve been a fan of Disney films for as long as I can […]

Are the Ghosts On Campus Real? These Students’ Stories Will Make You Believe

Do you believe in Whittier College ghosts? If not, you likely have not been to Wanberg Hall — seemingly the most haunted residence hall on campus.

A picture of Camila Castaneda.

Senior Spotlight Sundays: Camila Castaneda Edition

Camila Castaneda wants to leave college with a master’s degree that allows her to advocate for and influence Hispanic and Latinx communities.