Emerson Little with a camera.

Senior Send-Off: Emerson Little, Media Master

Emerson Little found his way to Whittier College through a familial coincidence, when his talents could have led him to any number of places.

One World, But Not Enough COVID-19 Vaccines For All?

With the U.S. along with other countries buying COVID-19 vaccines, what happens to developing countries who can’t afford it?

graphic picture of a young women in a cap and gown holding a diploma that says "HS 2020" with a blue background and yellow at the top. The words at the top of the photo says "Welcome Poets, Ready to log in?"

When COVID-19 Affects Your First Semester at College

I may not have had any grand expectations about college, but that didn’t mean I expected COVID to ruin my college experience as well.

a red map of the united states against a black background with the arm of the statue of liberty holding a green torch with red fire

Biden Won, Though That Will Not Erase Those Who Supported Trump

Yes, Biden won the election, but the fact that many still voted for Trump shows that America still has a long way to go.

image of a soldier facing backwards saluting the american flag in the background

Supporting Our Veterans Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day

On Nov. 11, we celebrate the bravery of our veterans, but we should also take the time to understand ways we can help support them.

2020 Election Predictions: Who Will Claim Victory on Nov. 3?

With the 2020 election now nearly here, one of Quaker Campus’ own writers predicts who may claim victory in this election.

The Connotations of Trump Cutting the Census Short

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump’s urgings to cut the 2020 census short, with possibly hefty effects for democracy.

Prop 22 To Determine Which Workers are Treated as Employees

11 years after the first-ever rideshare app, Uber, ushered in a new era of transportation that expanded the gig economy, voters will determine whether to pass Proposition 22 during the 2020 election.

photo of CBS reporter Katie Nielson being detained by police

Protecting Journalists at Protests Should Be a Priority

Governor Newsom recently vetoed SB 629, which would have protected journalists at protests. Here is why this bill should have passed.

Justice Not Only Delayed, But Denied – #SayHerName

On Sept. 23, the American justice system failed its very own citizen, Breonna Taylor, by not charging a single officer for her murder.