Brookins posing in front of heart lights

Senior Send-Off: Cedes Brookins on the Big Screen

Cedes Brookins is a talented individual with a love of filmmaking and writing poetry, there’s no doubt we’ll see her on the big screen.

Photo of Mendenhall building on the Whittier College campus. The skies are blue and cloudless, and the building is surrounded by palm trees.

Major Changes to Whittier College Curriculum

Changes have come to some of the majors of Whittier College! Specifically to the English major, and the addition of the all-new Film major.

photo of newspaper framed with social media icons, where misinformation is commonly found: google, facebook, pinterest, snapchat, instagram, and twitter

Social Media Misinformation: Malignant or Mishap

While social media is an easy way to access information and engage with current events, it’s also the easiest way to spread misinformation. 

Cultural Graduation Sign Up Flyer

Whittier’s Cultural Graduations Welcome You

Cultural Graduate Celebrations are a unique and essential part of graduation from Whittier College and will occur in the days surrounding commencement.

COVID Crafts: Crochet

Welcome to a new little series called COVID Crafts! Today I’m teaching you how to crochet a two-tone beanie. Grab your hook and let’s go!

Need Rom-Com Recommendations for Valentine’s Day? The QC’s Got You

If you’re planning on marathoning some romantic comedies, but don’t know where to start, look no further than the QC!

Picture of various prop guns with labels on them

Guns On Set: Make it a Thing of the Past

The death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” brings about an important question for the movie industry: Are prop guns too dangerous?

Last Night In Soho Review: Your Fear of Men is Valid

A visually delicious film with a gripping revenge story, Last Night in Soho reassures the audience that your fear of men is completely valid.

Halloween Movies That Scarred the QC

If you want to have a good laugh or share in our traumatizing picks, indulge in our list. Some movies are spooky, just in time for Halloween!

The Quaker Campus’s Favorite Halloween Movies

Here’s a list of our favorite Halloween movies and where to find them! Pick a few out to throw on and have a movie marathon this Halloween!