black and yellow logo that says ASWC SENATE

2021 ASWC Elections: An Overview of the Candidates

On April 27, the zoom event “Pizza With the Candidates” was held in preparation of the Associate Students of Whittier College elections.

A banner that reads "Whittier College has a sexual assault problem. Stand in solidarity with survivors."

Voices of Whittier College: The Content That is Changing A Culture

Voices of Whittier College is one of many Instagram accounts that stands in solidarity with victims of sexual assault on college campuses.

A picture of The Nest from inside the restaurant.

Small Business Spotlight: The Nest, a New Home For Community Growth

The Nest has attracted customers from all over Los Angeles, but it serves as a resource and a glimmer of hope for the local community.

won't lose this dream

Won’t Lose This Dream Panel: An Insightful Conversation on Higher Education Reform and Equity

Currently, most educational institutions are using outdated ways to strive for student success. Georgia State University has found solutions.

The female body in a camera lens.

Images That Haunt: Dark Tales Told By a Misogynistic Culture

There is a media obsession and an endless cycle of building up talented and bright women just to watch them brace for their manufactured fall.

For Your Consideration: Minari: Remembering Your Roots

Minari depicts the risk, isolation, humor, and resilient love that bonds generational families in a nostalgic, and distinctly American way.

Image of Radha Blank

For Your Consideration: The Forty-Year-Old Version, a Hilarious Ode to Life

Radha Blank’s directorial debut stylishly documents the hilarious trials and tribulations of an artist on the search for purpose.

Graphic of President Biden in front of podium with the Capitol Building in the background

President Biden’s Inaugural Address: A Moment of Introspection

The Inaugural Address of President Biden was one made directly to the American people. Further analysis reveals the meaning behind it.

Photograph of Dr. MLK Jr. speaking at the Lincoln Memorial

Upcoming Discussions on Race, Gender, and Black Lives Matter Seeks to Honor MLK Jr. Day

Dr. Kakaliouras will be facilitating school-wide discussions to celebrate and honor the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tensions Grow as Police Chief Michel Moore Faces Backlash From LAPD 

Chief Michel Moore of the LAPD is facing pressure to resign that cite a lack of leadership and defense of the police during BLM protests.