Addison Crane in yellow.

Senior Send-Off: Addison Crane, Buzzing Toward the Future

Addison Crane has a foot in many ponds, so to speak, yet meets each activity with equal excitement and dedication.

Rules and Expectations for the 2021 In-Person Commencement

Higher education institutes, such as Whittier College, will be able to host socially-distanced and masked outdoor graduation celebrations.

Illustration of a white rifle against a red background with black blood dripping from the rifle

Gun Violence is an Epidemic, and It Is Time to Take Action

There have already been about 140 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2021. Gun violence is a health crisis we need to start addressing.

graphic of three people with signs opposing the mask mandate looking unsurely to the side where a covid virus is holding a sign saying "I'm with them"

Forgetting the Failures of the Past: An American Tradition

After nearly one year of COVID-19, it is clear that the lessons we ought to have learned in the 1918 pandemic continue to go unregarded.

Womxn’s Leadership Association Hosts Self Care Event to Ring in Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Womxn’s Leadership Association hosted a self-love event this Friday, Feb. 12 at 4:30 p.m.

Photo of Governor Newsom holding a mask with two hands outside a building

Gov. Newsom Issues Another Stay-At-Home Order, But Will He Follow?

A new stay-at-home order is issued in California, but is undermined by Gov. Newsom’s recent bad example at following orders himself.

flier for the event

Processing the 2020 Election

Dr. Sara Angevine’s class hosted the community discussion panel, Let’s Process the Process: Election 2020 Virtual Panel

Justice Amy Coney Barrett sitting behind a desk at her Senate hearing for the nomination of Supreme Court Justice

Can You Name the Rights Outlined in the First Amendment? Barrett Can’t

Justice Amy Coney Barrett could not name all five rights outlined in the First Amendment. Is she really qualified for her new position?

Instagram post for the Educate Yourself Series which outlines the dates for the training sessions as well as the zoom links.

“Educate Yourself” on Inclusivity with the OEI’s Training Sessions

OEI’s “Educate Yourself” training series, a workshop focusing on providing students with tools to learn more about inclusivity and advocacy.

Comic showing a man in a phone booth who leaves, sneezes, and then infects another man with the influenza.

Parallels of Pandemics

The QC dove into historical archives of newspapers from the 1918 pandemic to uncover the story of Whittier’s first major pandemic experience.