The Return of Mild High Club

Mild High Club had been on a hiatus for the last half decade, before releasing the third studio album, Going, Going, Gone on Sept. 17.

Photo of Haitian immigrants walking to cross border into the U.S.

You’re a Fool to Think Biden and the Democrats Would Be Less Racist

Any sane person would know that the Haitian immigrants need our help, and not more violence. If only Biden knew this as well.

Paradise Cove Invents a Completely New Genre

Paradise Cove was incredible. I’m personally not the biggest fan of instrumental albums, but this truly blew me away.

Frances Romo

Never Fear, Frances Romo is Here

During her 18 years at Whittier College, Frances Romo has been heavily involved in several programs to address the changing needs of students.

The MLB All-Star Game logo.

Political Climate of Atlanta in the Sports World

Atlanta, Georgia recently lost the privilege of hosting the MLB All-Star. Why did this happen, and why is Atlanta being punished?

Black graduation cap set on top of beige paper

Whittier College Announces New Updates About Graduation Celebrations

After a series of emails and surveys, it was announced on April 9 that a limited in-person commencement would take place at Whittier College.

Lake Street Dive is “Obviously” a Good Band

Lake Street Dive started as an avant-Country band then moved into R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Rock influences, which culminates in Obviously.

Image of Netflix screen

Netflix is Cracking Down on Password Sharing

Longtime lover of poor decisions, Netflix is back at it again with oppressive and greedy business practices.

The Virginia Cavaliers won the NCAA Tournament in 2019.

Predictions: How Will March Madness Turn Out?

March Madness is finally back after a rough year without it, and we have some predictions about who will take home the trophy.

True Crime: Jennifer Fairgate – The Spy Who Died?

Jennifer Fairgate checked into the Plaza Hotel in Norway, in June 1995, doing so under an alias, with little luggage, besides ammunition.