Office of International Programs Says Study Abroad to Reopen in Fall

The Office of International Programs has announced that study abroad courses will restart in Fall 2021, when Whittier College reopens.

Professors Search For Alternatives to Mandatory Textbook Expenses

As Spring Module 2 begins, some professors have sought to provide more financially accessible alternatives to mandated textbooks.

Last Module’s Grades to Be Published at End of the Semester

Students concluded their first module of the Fall semester, though grades will not be published on MyWhittier until the end of the semester.

Whittier College Announces New Community College Transfer Program

The California Community College Advantage Program leaves questions as to how the program works and how the pandemic could affect numbers. 

Faces of the 2020 First-year Class Council

Get to know Whittier College’s First-Year Class Council members and their goals for the academic year of 2020 – 21.

Trump’s Controversial Covid-19 Diagnosis

President Trump and the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19, following a week of news that multiple close advisors tested positive.

Poets on the Hunt for Work Study Opportunities

With campus life being put to a halt, students are without employment and lack financial support after relying on FAFSA Work Study awards.

Bad Bunny performing on a bus.

El Conejo Malo is More Than a Latin Trap Artist 

During his time as a musical artist, Bad Bunny has changed the Latin Music industry while also being a social justice icon.

Monitoring Health on Campus One Day at a Time

Whittier has only allowed about 50 students to reside on campus, leaving us to wonder what dorm life looks like.