wide angle shot of the inside of the campus inn. In the forefront is a center island food bar, with a basket of fruits towards us. In the background is the service areas, with the kitchen further back.

Whittier College Introduces Extended Campus Inn Hours for Ramadan

Whittier College sent out an email on April 1 sharing the Campus Inn’s extended hours, which will accommodate those who observe Ramadan.

Photo of Poet Pride banner on a pole

JanTerm Needs to Stay, Not Go

This past JanTerm 2022 was the last students will have for the unforeseeable future. However, JanTerm is more helpful than you think.

A FAFSA illustration.

FAFSA Workshops Are More Helpful Than You Think

FAFSA workshops can help students get the financial aid they need to pay for college — which is why there should be more.

photo of colorful skulls grouped together

Remembering the Indigenous Origins of Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is the day in which we honor the dead. This year, let’s remember the indigenous side of this holiday.

Drawing of the countries of Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina not understanding what "Latinx" means

Latinx or Latiné? Which Makes More Sense Culturally?

“Latinx” has been used as a gender-neutral term in place of “Latinos;” but wouldn’t “Latiné” make more sense for Spanish-speakers?

Creating a More Commuter-Friendly Campus

For many commuter students, making the campus more commuter-friendly could help when taking a break in-between classes, connecting with other students, and attending campus social events. 

FEMPWR: Womxn’s Leadership Association Hosts Womxn’s Empowerment Conference

On April 24, the Womxn’s Leadership Association, in partnership with the Office of Equity and Inclusion, hosted the first-ever FEMPWR conference.

Start Normalizing the Phrase “I Need a Mental Health Day”

We need to begin normalizing mental health days for both work and school. Mental health is not just an excuse to halt responsibilities.

The Filibuster Needs to Go

The debate over what to do with the filibuster has been going on for years, and President Biden wants to end it. It needs to go.

Are Vaccines Being Equitably Distributed?

This pandemic has killed many, but still vaccines aren’t going to the places that COVID-19 affects the most.