Image of the front of the Beverly M. Stauffer Resident Hall fill out the housing application

Residential Life Urges Students to Complete Housing Application

The time has come once again to choose housing for the next school year! The priority housing deadline is April 24.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Blankets with Michelle De La O

Michelle DeLa O uses her hands to create many things, but her favorite thing to make is colorful Afghan blankets.

President Oubre speaking with a student.

Celebrating Women’s Day with President Oubré

In celebration of Women’s Day 2022, the Office of Equity and Inclusion hosted Dr. Linda Oubré at Villalobos on Tuesday, March 8.

Women’s Basketball Competing as SCIAC Champions

The Women’s Basketball Team will be competing against Whitman College as SCIAC champions, and they are optimistic about bringing home a win.

An illustration of a teacher writing on a chalkboard.

Thoughts on the Teaching Crisis by Aspiring Teachers

A shortage on teachers in New Mexico has caused the National Guard to become substitute teachers. How will this affect the future of teaching, and education?

Photo of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo facing forward

Holding Those in Power Responsible For Their Actions

There has been a culture of letting those in power get away with sexual misconduct; but is that culture finally changing?

OnlyFans and the War on Consensual Sex Work

OnlyFans threatened the livelihood of millions of sex workers only to reverse their decision days after, leaving many feeling betrayed.

My Chemical Romance Can Teach Music a Thing or Two About Responsibility

My Chemical Romance postponed their reunion tour in order to keep their fans safe against COVID-19. Other artists are not doing the same.

The Verdict is In: An Overview of the State v. Chauvin

In this article, The Quaker Campus outlines the State v. Chauvin trial from the beginning to the announcement of the verdict on Tuesday, April 20.

Healthcare workers and volunteers administer vaccines at the drive through distribution site at The Forum

Vaccinations in California Become More Accessible

Starting April 15, people aged 16 and older will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.  This means more shots in arms, and less sick people.