two students, male and female, smiling as they open double doors while slightly looking in the opposite direction

What It’s Like to Have My Face Used in Whittier College Ads

You might have seen me before on Whittier College ads, but that doesn’t mean I know about every single ad with my face on it.

a graphic drawing of taylor swift with a light blue background and the words vote across her face

Do Celebrities Deserve to Have Their Own Opinions?

We are all encouraged to take a stance on issues that matter, no matter how controversial. But does that apply to celebrities too?

Covers of dystopian novels

Who Needs Dystopians When You’re Living Them?

Dystopia? In my society? In the current political climate, it honestly just feels taxing to see another ‘dystopian’ novel tell us the same story.

Can Trump Make a Comeback? Only When Democracy Dies

Trump has proven time and again that he is not fit for the presidency. If he wins, it would be the death of democracy as we know it.